Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bend right over...

Guyana signed the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in Brussels yesterday, five days after 13 other Cariforum countries and the European Union inked the new trade deal.
Guyana’s ambassador to Brussels Dr Patrick Gomes signed the pact and in a statement the EU Trade Commission welcomed the decision, which it said would allow the signatories to begin implementing the EPA by the end of the month.

Guyana agreed to sign the EPA after other Cariforum member states and the European Union accepted a declaration which President Bharrat Jagdeo had recommended as a pre-condition to signing. He asked that the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas takes precedence over the EPA in any matters of conflict in implementation and in matters of regional integration, and he also sought for the EPA to be reviewed every five years.


  1. Jagdeo is a Chicken. Its embarssing to have your ambassador sign when all your counterparts signed personally. He is an embarrasment to our nation.

  2. Our president made it clear that he had reservation about signing this document. He fought for and obtained two significant amendments. He was right not to sign personally. We must let they colonial masters know that they are dealing with people of substance who can no longer be railroaded browbeaten into conforming with anything they put out. Clearly they would like us to continue believing that “white is right” but even up to recently they were proven wrong when the son of an immigrant had to correct the Latin of the ship doctor who made the first voyage aboard the Hesperus, Jagdeo is right in demonstrating that we, Caribbean, especially Guyanese, people can think for themselves it is a pity that the rest of the Caribbean leaders still suffer from a colonial mentality so long after independence.

  3. its funny that you say the amba. signed and not the pres. He will soon blame the amba. like he does with his ministers and subord. whenever there are undesirable outcomes. Rememeber: nothing is done without his consent- ministerial or ambassadorial! So history will have it "It wasn't me"